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The novabow toe press ; 21st century technology for the foot 


How can the novabow help you 

 How can the novabow help you ? 
Improving foot strength and flexibility can help reduce foot pain from plantar fasciitis, knee pain in runners, give better balance, and improve sporting performance. 

 How do you buy a novabow toe press ? 
You can buy a novabow on this site and we offer a 100% refund if you are not completely satisfied with our product and return it within 30 days.   

Who has been helped by the novabow toe press?
The novabow has been tested in a trial at Edinburgh Napier University and has since been used to help elite athletes with foot and knee pain, and workers with foot pain.     


"Gerry gave me a Novabow device to try. The difference has amazed me. My feet feel so much stronger and more robust. The chronic pain in my ankles and calf muscles has now subsided."  
  Charlie Fox ,professional footballer 


"I used to have pain in my calves, both knees, and my back, and I was told surgery would be required. However, after using the novabow toe press all the pain went away . I stopped using the device and the pain returned so now I use it every day. I wish I had had this from the start." 

    Chris Bennett , Olympic track and field athlete. 

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