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About us 

By Dr Gerry Farrell, owner of Jomarg Innovation Ltd

So how  does a dentist come to invent a foot strengthening system ? Well, a number of years ago I injured my foot and found rehab options where very limited, so I invented the Novabow.

I founded Jomarg Innovation Ltd to develop the idea and ,with the help of family, friends, and colleagues, I believe that we now have a version of the device that can help radically improve foot health for millions of people.  

Local companies making the component parts of the Novabow are ready to start production and we have already bought in some of the raw material to make first 300 devices. 

We are ready to bring the Novabow System to the World and would be very grateful for your support. 

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The company would like to take this opportunity to thank the many organizations that have helped along the way . These include Glasgow City Council, the UK Government "Levelling Up"  scheme, Scottish Enterprise, The MDMC, a university collaborative project, and  our team of designers at Filament PD    

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