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Professional footballer uses Novabow


23 September 2023

Recently a professional footballer trialed the Novabow System with "amazing" results. 

Here is what Charlie said after using the Novabow ;


"My name is Charlie Fox and I am a professional footballer currently playing in the Scottish Championship. I have always struggled with foot and ankle pain as a result of the demands of the sport (and my size). I never used to condition these areas, I had always thought calf-raises and SL balance work would be enough. After suffering a stress-fracture in my navicular last season, Gerry gave me a Novabow device to try. The difference has amazed me. My feet feel so much stronger and more robust. The chronic pain in my ankles and calf muscles has now subsided. It’s difficult to say empirically whether my agility has changed, but I definitely feel more confident and explosive on the turn. I have noticed my cutting manoeuvres are pain free and am able to put more force through the ball of my foot and toes. Since using the device, I have achieved a record counter-movement jump score, as well as almost doubling my accelerations and decelerations in 90 minute games.

The Novabow has really helped me. 


Charlie Fox "

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